Dripping River Water


our purpose May 29, 2008

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We all have a purpose here.  Our biggest goal should be to live out that purpose.  Not to make the biggest paycheck or have the freshist rims.  You can have those things but what’s the use of having material things when you are empty inside?  Why have the latest car and the fancy house and the trips to resorts when we are not living our purpose?  To live out your purpose is to truly love yourself.  

If we all found love and happiness within ourselves then we can give love and happiness to others.  Then we can be nicer to each other.  Then we can stop judging or being jealous.  We can congratulate each other for doing our life work.  If we took risks and truly listened to our hearts we can make our lives better and then the world would be a better place.

God didn’t let us go from heaven for no reason.

the end. 



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