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Selfish Cuban-Americans and Barack Obama June 21, 2008

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When Elian Gonzalez was rescued years back I knew this was what Miami Cubans were waiting for. And to start off right, I don’t mean all Miami Cubans because my mami lives there and she is not one of the Miami Cubans I am talking about. I mean Miami Cubans that spend their days talking about Fidel and what they are going to do to bring democracy to Cuba. From the get-go I knew that Elian needed to be with his father in Cuba. That was the right thing to do and it would be done if Elian was from another country. Pero, no, the Miami Cubans didn’t think this and Elian Gonzalez was paraded all through the news with lots of candy and trips to Disney. Elian was the revenge they were waiting for. Elian was the way they can say, “Vayate a la mierda, Fidel, esta vez nosotros vamos a ganar.” Although I am glad that the US decided to give him back to his father in Cuba I am not happy with the way they took away Elian.

Several years have passed, there are more Cubans living in Miami that don’t have such strong anti-Cuban government views. People want to help their families survive in Cuba, they want to be able to travel freely and not once every three years to see an immediate family member. The climate in Miami is changing. Alhumdulilah. So why is it that there’s going to be a protest at Barack Obama’s visit to Miami on Saturday, June 21, 2008? Why?
Because “At issue are foreign-policy advisor Greg Craig, who represented Elián’s father in the custody battle with the Miami relatives, and legal advisor Eric Holder, a member of Obama’s vice-presidential search committee who was deputy attorney general when the 6-year-old boy was seized by federal agents and returned to Cuba.”-Beth Reinhard of the Miami Herald

The article’s headline says “Some Cuban Americans” which is a blessing but still will these people just let things rest? Every time I go to Miami I am amazed with the amount of Cuban American poverty that is never mentioned when talking about Cuban Americans in Miami. I am so upset about this protest because they aren’t even protesting anything that Barack Obama believes in. They are protesting that he works with two people that were involved in the Elian case. Do they run their whole lives like this? How selfish can they be? Barack Obama will bring so much change to this country. So much change that will affect all of us including Cubans and Cuban Americans living in the US.

Every time I see a video in support of Barack Obama I cry. I cry because I believe in him. I cry because he has brought back hope to my life. I cry because for the first time in my adult life I am REALLY proud to be American. Thank you Michelle Obama. I cry because he is gifted, he is blessed, he has a light shining on him and surrounding him and coming through him. He is not perfect. I don’t agree with everything he believes in pero he can resurrect this country and bring about change in this world.

When Barack Obama won the nomination to run for President my mami called me to congratulate me. Not that I worked on the campaign. All I did was pray but she called because she knew that I believed in Barack Obama therefore she believed in him as well. My papi called as well he left a message saying that he was fine and Barack Obama won the nomination so everything was now fine. He congratulated me as well. All I did was pray. I always believed in Barack Obama but I didn’t believe that they were going to give him the nomination because someone is always pulling something in order to win. So, I didn’t want to believe it was true until i read it with my own eyes. I couldn’t sleep. I cried again.

Change is gonna come.

Some of my family is republican. Hopefully not a whole bunch. I went to Miami in February and I saw one of my uncles. He said, that’s it I am not voting for a Republican ever again. i am done with them. Good for you, I told him. And I was like, damn, it took 8 years of Bush to get people to stop voting Republican. So, since my uncle came to his senses I am wondering what is going on with these selfish Cuban-Americans in Miami that are protesting Barack Obama’s visit to Miami? Why haven’t they come to their senses? Is it that they can’t stand the fact of having a Black president? Is it that they just can’t let go? Is it that they keep on failing in throwing down the Cuban government so they have to do something here?

When Barack Obama got the nomination I made a promise that I would do something to get him elected. I will not fall into the trap that there are too many racist people in this country so he will never be president. No, I will do something so my parents can congratulate me for helping him get elected not just praying for it.

I believe that there will be more supporters than protestors. That people will change their mind. I believe that Barack Obama will be our next president. And yes, I am crying while writing these words because I feel its power. Barack Obama, US President. May God read my words.

the end.


8 Responses to “Selfish Cuban-Americans and Barack Obama”

  1. hellakali Says:

    Thank you for this blog.
    I am not cuban but very much interested in anything concerning Barack Obama and how people from different cultures, see him. Ive learned some things.

    I know Obama will win.
    I do hope that miami cubans will see that he is more like them then any other candidate.

    McCain is not good for our country as is Bush…So I will pray as well..thank you

  2. V Says:

    Que lindo, thank you, that’s beautiful. Welcome to the movement, m’ijo. We can overcome all the narrow minds, and this will be a country to be proud of – don’t stop working and praying! You already are making a difference, keep talking to Cubanos, let us know how it’s going, I’m bookmarking you!

  3. chrystophe Says:

    i am glad you are inspired by obama, so am i; but that said we need to keep him honest, you may have notice how right he is moving since winning the nomination. His rhetoric is beautiful but he is moving right fast and bring people into the campaign that are part of the old politics he rails against. ?????? what is up with that!
    He must be held to the standards that he himself constructed. I will be in D.C. for his inauguration, to celebrate yes-but also to hold him accountable to his promise

  4. hellakali Says:

    What promise is it that you dont see him fulfilling?

  5. Thanks Hellakali for your comment, I hope Chrystophe answers your question.

    V, you inspired me to write my most recent blog, An Open Letter to Cuban-Americans.

    Chrystophe, thanks for your comment, I pray that Barack Obama will not give up in acting on what he believes in.

  6. hellakali Says:

    Yea I think people are getting their “HOPES” confused with his “PROMISES.”

    He is bringing change to this country everyday…with his actions. No lobbyist money, grass roots movement, no public financing..and all of this is a GOOD thing..nothing less then that.

    Some people were disappointed in his FISA decision..but those folks were mostly either beleiving too much of what they read or not very educated on FISA and Obamas stance on it.

    I think once we all realize that we are all individuals…we can then apppreciate the fact that Obama and US wont agree on everything..but we cant cry about it or get mad..because thats what makes him beautiful..is he will listen and once he IS president..we can voice our concerns.

    In the meantime..I think its wise to trust his intentions and know that everything in politics is bigger then how we see it.

    Sorry I keep posting paragraphs…lol..Chrystophe’s comment inspired a blog I wrote the night I replied.

    The country isnt just you and me and when you live in democracy with 2 sides to every bill..a compromise should be met.

  7. Becky Says:

    Yeah, well, I hope you still believe in Obama, because a wave of communism is already weeping our country. Keep believing in the anointed one. The one whose advisors are Marxist communists, socialist, racist, radicals and creeps. Your family left Cuba for a reason. When Obama’s Marxist vision takes over this country’s fundamental existence, where will you go? Where will your family go? Those who escaped Castro’s tyranny? Huh? Yes, I cried too when Obama won the presidency; mostly, because I saw the dark cloud of communism enveloping this great Republic we call the USA. I am Cuban, and my family suffered terribly under Castro, and I will be damned if that is going to happen here in this country. There is reason America’s Cubans are flocking to Cuba with toys, medicines, etc., because Castro has destroyed Cuba, and has separated families for decades and will continue to do so until he is dead and buried.

    • Dear Becky,
      Thanks for taking out the time to comment on my blog. So, can you explain to me how communism is weeping this country? Can you also name all the Marxist communist, socialist, racist, radical creeps that President Obama has as advisors? I would really like to know who these people are.

      My family did leave for a reason. Yes, my mother did not like living under Fidel my dad actually left because of economics. My family is probably very different from your family. We have been going back to Cuba since 1979. My family was also very poor in Cuba before Castro. My father, God bless him, was only able to obtain two years of an education. My mother was able to finish high school. We did not lose land, or riches or anything material when we left. We also probably left after your family in 1970 and 1971. Cubans have all sorts of stories, Becky. Please do not generalize. As far as I am concerned there are two parties that have separated Cuban families, the US government and the Cuban government. I feel very blessed to have President Obama in office right now. He is giving me the opportunity to go back to Cuba for as long as I want. I will take advantage of this opportunity, inshaAllah. Cuba has not been destroyed, Becky. It is just different.

      So now tell me, what are you going to do if the “dark cloud of communism” envelops the US? Are you going to leave? Or are you going to stay? Because if you really wanted Castro to not be in power and you really wanted something different for Cuba you and your family should have stayed along with all the other right wing Cuban and Cuban-Americans that live in the US. There is no use in complaining about it in another country. You can only make changes from within.

      Becky, I am not sure if you have realized but Fidel Castro is no longer in power, Raúl is. Just wanted to give you the heads up.

      I pray that you find peace and clarity, Becky. It’s very difficult to go on in life with resentment and bitterness. May you be able to let go and really learn what is happening. Ameen.

      con mucho amor cubano,
      Maceo Cabrera Estévez

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