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My baby in Brooklyn, October 24th and 25th! October 21, 2008

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Ok, not the child that I don’t have yet, not my lover, BUT my play! Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet will be showing two nights in Brooklyn! Get your tickets now! October 24th and 25th at 8pm. Here’s all the info:

Friday, October 24 and Saturday, October 25
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

8pm/$15 in advance http://www.brownpapertickets.com or $18 the night of the show

This production is being presented through BAX’s Performance Package Rental Program and is a self-production by Oshun Love Productions.

Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet in Brooklyn!

For more info: http://www.myspace.com/amorcubano or info@amorcubano.org

“Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet brings Maceo’s infectious charm to the stage and offers a cure for all the world’s ailments!” –Margo Dunlap, Executive Director of Pro Arts Gallery

“Amor Cubano is a sexy tongue-in cheek exploration of modern culture’s quest for a miracle cure.” – Flavorpill SF

Maceo Cabrera Estévez, born and raised in Brooklyn, debuted her multimedia theater performance, Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet to a standing room only crowd in November, 2007 as part of the Hecho en Califas Festival at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA. The Bay Area couldn’t get enough of Amor Cubano. Cabrera Estévez packed the house again for three nights in March, 2008. She took the audiences into the world of Barbarita Perales- creator of Amor Cubano, the only product that puts the essence of all that’s Cuban in a bottle, a tube and a small packet and sells it on an infomercial. Amor Cubano is so powerful it can make Berkeley people have bed-breaking sex, stop cops from shutting down the immigrant rights rally and make your Castro-hating Cuban mom wise up. But can it bring Barbarita’s son home from Iraq? Is it powerful enough to end the war and stop Homeland Security from deporting Barbarita?

Directed by Chicago’s theatre veteran, Eric Avilés, Cabrera Estévez tales about the complexities of life with a simple cure through four characters: a sexy Cuban Oprah, a revolutionary Jewish senior, a Nuyorican soldier and a Texan cowboy who wants to build businesses in Cuba. Cabrera Estévez does not do this alone, set as an infomercial you will find testimonies, news reportings and live performances on the powers of Amor Cubano.

Get your dose and be part of the studio audience of Amor Cubano: in a bottle, a tube and a small packet, a hilarious mediation on what it means to be Cuban, and a prayer to end war in our time.

With live and video performances by: Elliot “Toby” Borrero, Oscar Trujillo, Randall Babtkis, Carolyn Cooke, Mekael Johnson, Micaela Diaz-Sanchez, Rosa Gonzalez, Brendon DeMay, Cynthia Renta, Daniela Athineos, Leydisvel Freire Peña, Salam Hassan, Amos Glick, Eric Aviles and Gonzalo Cabrera.

A bilingual English and Spanish play with a little bit of Arabic. Subtitles in English and Spanish.


there is some light October 17, 2008

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Everything is coming together. i am feeling lighter. There are less days that I am dragging a heavy bag around from house to house. I am at Danica’s. My friend who over the years has become my cousin. The one who lived around the corner from me, right across Prospect Park. There was a time that we spent everyday together. Days at GLSEN working, nights drinking wine at each other’s places. This feels like home.

The other half of the time I am spending time at Saul’s. Friend turned cousin over the years. There, the space is light, sun shine comes in and turtles follow me around while I get dressed.
My family has expanded over the years. Friends who I have known for years or even just a few have become sisters, brothers, cousins, all my loves. It has become bigger than community.

I see the tree tops from the window. Yellow, red and green. It is chilly this morning. Finally, it feels like fall. I am at ease.

My life isn’t so bad. it is actually really good. But the struggles here are triggered by other struggles. When I couldn’t stay at my best friend’s house because of all the animals and me losing breathe, everything seemed closed in. Not everyone could open their doors to me. But the right ones did. But going from couch to couch, digging through my bags over and over, made me think of my mami. She was without her own home for 10 years. Not out on the street, homeless. But going from house to house, cleaning and ironing for family and friends in exchange for a place to stay. Living like that for years until I sat her down and told her she needed to fill out paperwork for a Section 8 apt. She never wanted to live with me because I am queer and at that time I was only in relationships with women. So, she ended up with days here and months over there, I don’t know how her back took it.

I love my mami and she taught me a lot of good things like: her religion is helping people, don’t put dirty clothes with clean clothes even if it’s worn for just one hour and laugh until you can’t laugh no more. But she also didn’t and doesn’t know how to handle money and she serves so much that it has become an expectation. I was triggered being in NYC with no money from house to house made me think of the ways I don’t want to be like her but I got out of it quickly. Because of my family here. I can cry in a restaurant about my love moving to LA, I can complain of my stiffness and say over and over that it will all be ok. I felt safe. That is a blessing. It is not just because I am in Brooklyn, the home that I know can no longer be my home, it is because of the place my heart is in, feeling fullness and radiating light.

I am one of those people that nothing comes easy to them. Nothing. Well, except for when I first moved to the Bay Area, there was struggle but my first 6 months were so easy. God knew that if it wasn’t easy for such a big move I wouldn’t of changed in the ways that I did. But things comes never the less and everything is a learning lesson, right?

i perform this Saturday and next weekend, insha’Allah. Carrying my costumes on the subway will be, well interesting but I will be wearing them and sharing Amor Cubano and that is the important thing. After many dramatic phone calls to my sisters in California there is much light. I am glad my family has come all together.

the end.


the sun October 7, 2008

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The sun woke me up this morning. I was able to breathe all night long. I stayed at Saul’s place last night. On his futon. In the living room. The sun woke me up and said, I don’t care that you went to bed at 2am, you have forgotten that I exist.

I went outside to get coffee. I think I am the only one who drinks coffee out of my friends. The one who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t but lotto tickets needs one vice. Coffee. I get away with it because I am Cuban.

I was on Flatbush. It was early and the cars zoomed by and it wasn’t until I was walking back from Dunkin Donuts to get their not so good coffee did I realize it was noisy. The sun beamed on me the whole time. Words ran through my mind, jumped and splashed on pavement. I didn’t notice. Noise. And when I noticed the amount of cars, the people on the streets, the buses screeching I didn’t really care. I had the sun.

So, it looks like I am spending the next few weeks hopping around coz I can’t stay at my best friend’s place. Three dogs, three cats and me can’t co-exist in the same space unless I am willing to sacrifice my breathe. And Barbarita can not sound like she has a cold on stage.

at saul's

the end.


counting my blessings October 6, 2008

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It is noisy here.  My parents laugh when I call them to complain.  But it is noisy.  I never liked it too loud.  I always asked my mami to talk lower in the morning.  Bad move.  She would only talk louder.

It is the same temperature as it is everyday in San Francisco but it feels different.  It is crisp here.  No air coming from the Pacific.  Crisp not clean, smells of cars, sounds of crackling leaves.  I walk for hours.  My friend said that it seems that I walk slower now.  I tried to blame it on the heels but I do walk slower.  The Bay Area has mellowed me out that I don’t know whether to cross the street before the signal or not.

I am sitting in a cafe listening to rock with a whole bunch of hipsters and I am wondering why I picked this place.  But I bought some food and some tea so i gotta stay to get my money’s worth.

Me in a cafe with a whole bunch of hispters.

That is all. My writing. All annoyed wishing that I really did live in brooklyn because if I did then I can go to my place and chill there for a bit before going to my friend’s house. So, I am thinking instead I will finish writing and walk around with my heavy bag and look at things I can’t buy.

I really do have to laugh at myself because my life isn’t all that bad just a moment of wishing it was a bit different. I am blessed, you know. Being here is a blessing. Having friends out here is a blessing. Meeting new friends is a blessing. The opportunity to perform out here is a blessing. Being able to talk to my parents everyday is a blessing. Loving and being loved is a blessing.

Ok, I feel much better.

the end.


my re-introduction to brooklyn October 2, 2008

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I got here Tuesday.  Landing in JFK, I prayed and there were no bumps on the way down.  Going through the airport, I smelled NY.  Perfume.  There were lots of lights.  People buzzing.  I should have waited for a yellow cab to drive me to my friend’s house but I had more weight than me and I just wanted to eat a callaloo patty with coco bread.  I got in a cab that wasn’t really a cab.  A guy without a taxi license.  He charged me more than he should of but I’ve been away from Brooklyn for too long, I don’t know how to negotiate.  We drove from Queens to Brooklyn.  I felt like I never left.  I felt like everything was new.  I felt like I never left, nothing was new.  But I noticed and I know I have noticed before, there are no trees in Brooklyn.  Where are the trees?, I asked.  Where are the flowers?, I asked.  I left them in Oakland.

I live with two friends, three dogs and three cats.  I have allergies.  The room I am in is my goddaughter’s room/storage.  I haven’t really unpacked yet.  My bags are heavier than me.

“Penny and Me”

It is hotter than it should be. I am glad since I missed my NY summer. But I am surprised with humidity. My forehead gets damp. It is automatic to get to the subway station, to get off the train. it is automatic but when I see big buildings I am amazed.

I went to see Fela! The Musical. The colors, the dancing, the music, the story-all inspired me. Today is my birthday. Ok, I guess while I am writing this it is no longer my birthday but I am still on west coast time. So it is. I am 33 today. A good number they say.

i bought a one way ticket here. Not that I am planning not to go back, I am just trying to be open. There is part of me that wants to go into my water colored room.
Paradise water walls, Love behind me.

Wants to roll around my new white carpet. Wants to wake up to sunlight. But being here is about taking risks. it’s about learning to make do with hardly anything. It’s about focusing on all the love I have and push forward.

So, I went to Park Slope and dropped off flyers for my show.

I went to see Fela! The Musical. I hung out with Jonah and laughed on the train. I smiled at people on the train. I walked home and in front of the building was a police car pulling out. A lady with crutches was talking to two men in the building. She asked me if I lived there. One of the men recognized me and I we both said, yeah. And she showed me a picture of this man and told me that he has been raping women at gunpoint in the neighborhood. And I still see him. She told me to be careful and told me to look again. And I looked. I still see him.

One of the reasons why I wanted to come back to Brooklyn is because I wanted to feel safe walking the streets at night. Yes, rapes and assaults do happen but I always felt safe in Brooklyn. I felt safe that there were always people around. I felt safe that the lights were on outside. I felt safe.

I heard about this rapist before coming here. I heard but did not want to think about his impact on my life. And I thought to myself, this is exactly why I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun.  And I hate that I think thoughts like that. I am mad that he is still around.

I am here for a month or so. Less than, more than. Who knows. My friends asked me to keep them updated on my trip. So, here are my first words.

That is my re-introduction to Brooklyn.  On a lighter note, I am delighted with the abundance of Halal food carts, Nubian Heritage products and aisles of West Indian condiments.

the end.