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the sun October 7, 2008

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The sun woke me up this morning. I was able to breathe all night long. I stayed at Saul’s place last night. On his futon. In the living room. The sun woke me up and said, I don’t care that you went to bed at 2am, you have forgotten that I exist.

I went outside to get coffee. I think I am the only one who drinks coffee out of my friends. The one who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t but lotto tickets needs one vice. Coffee. I get away with it because I am Cuban.

I was on Flatbush. It was early and the cars zoomed by and it wasn’t until I was walking back from Dunkin Donuts to get their not so good coffee did I realize it was noisy. The sun beamed on me the whole time. Words ran through my mind, jumped and splashed on pavement. I didn’t notice. Noise. And when I noticed the amount of cars, the people on the streets, the buses screeching I didn’t really care. I had the sun.

So, it looks like I am spending the next few weeks hopping around coz I can’t stay at my best friend’s place. Three dogs, three cats and me can’t co-exist in the same space unless I am willing to sacrifice my breathe. And Barbarita can not sound like she has a cold on stage.

at saul's

the end.


4 Responses to “the sun”

  1. Kalimba Says:

    You looked happier today! I finally had a chance to catch up with the short video of your play. I am embarrassed to admit I had been following you all this while without being aware of the immense talent on display in your performance – it’s been a busy year. But I am not the least bit surprised by the strength, humour and integrity woven into the piece. I so wish I could come down to BAM to laugh out loud (and be quiet) with everyone. Brilliant, thank you.

  2. Kalimba Says:

    Oops, sorry BAX.

  3. No worries, maybe you just foresaw that I will perform at BAM one day.

  4. pomegranate queen Says:

    the sun is in you girl! much love to you. wish i could be out there to see your shows.

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