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My baby in Brooklyn, October 24th and 25th! October 21, 2008

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Ok, not the child that I don’t have yet, not my lover, BUT my play! Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet will be showing two nights in Brooklyn! Get your tickets now! October 24th and 25th at 8pm. Here’s all the info:

Friday, October 24 and Saturday, October 25
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

8pm/$15 in advance http://www.brownpapertickets.com or $18 the night of the show

This production is being presented through BAX’s Performance Package Rental Program and is a self-production by Oshun Love Productions.

Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet in Brooklyn!

For more info: http://www.myspace.com/amorcubano or info@amorcubano.org

“Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet brings Maceo’s infectious charm to the stage and offers a cure for all the world’s ailments!” –Margo Dunlap, Executive Director of Pro Arts Gallery

“Amor Cubano is a sexy tongue-in cheek exploration of modern culture’s quest for a miracle cure.” – Flavorpill SF

Maceo Cabrera Estévez, born and raised in Brooklyn, debuted her multimedia theater performance, Amor Cubano: In a bottle, a tube and a small packet to a standing room only crowd in November, 2007 as part of the Hecho en Califas Festival at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA. The Bay Area couldn’t get enough of Amor Cubano. Cabrera Estévez packed the house again for three nights in March, 2008. She took the audiences into the world of Barbarita Perales- creator of Amor Cubano, the only product that puts the essence of all that’s Cuban in a bottle, a tube and a small packet and sells it on an infomercial. Amor Cubano is so powerful it can make Berkeley people have bed-breaking sex, stop cops from shutting down the immigrant rights rally and make your Castro-hating Cuban mom wise up. But can it bring Barbarita’s son home from Iraq? Is it powerful enough to end the war and stop Homeland Security from deporting Barbarita?

Directed by Chicago’s theatre veteran, Eric Avilés, Cabrera Estévez tales about the complexities of life with a simple cure through four characters: a sexy Cuban Oprah, a revolutionary Jewish senior, a Nuyorican soldier and a Texan cowboy who wants to build businesses in Cuba. Cabrera Estévez does not do this alone, set as an infomercial you will find testimonies, news reportings and live performances on the powers of Amor Cubano.

Get your dose and be part of the studio audience of Amor Cubano: in a bottle, a tube and a small packet, a hilarious mediation on what it means to be Cuban, and a prayer to end war in our time.

With live and video performances by: Elliot “Toby” Borrero, Oscar Trujillo, Randall Babtkis, Carolyn Cooke, Mekael Johnson, Micaela Diaz-Sanchez, Rosa Gonzalez, Brendon DeMay, Cynthia Renta, Daniela Athineos, Leydisvel Freire Peña, Salam Hassan, Amos Glick, Eric Aviles and Gonzalo Cabrera.

A bilingual English and Spanish play with a little bit of Arabic. Subtitles in English and Spanish.


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