Dripping River Water


just one of those days November 10, 2008

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My stay in Florida has taught me a lot of lessons so far.  Like I need to be constantly stimulated to create.  I am literally bored.  My conversations are minimal.  I have read through the one book I have.  I stare at the wall and nothing comes out.

There are no bookstores in the whole county!

I, of course can not just blame the environment.  I sabotage myself.  Nothing new has come out of my system.  Except for an idea that is complicated like a puzzle.  Words of fiction because I stop myself from writing truth about my family.  I am my worst critic.  I need to top myself.  I went on a date and was told that I am a genius.  I wonder if geniuses go through dry spells.

If anything I can rely on my dramatics for entertainment.

When I realize that I should take advantage of my dad’s direct TV, I watch shows from Spain so I can develop their accent.  There’s nothing like a frustrated Spaniard.

the end.


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