Dripping River Water


Believe it November 11, 2008

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Suburban hell has actually inspired me.  Alhumdullilah.  Yesterday I went to the next county to go to the rinky dinky Walden Books at the mall.  I bought a book that brought tears to my eyes because there was life breathing out of the pages.  Then it all came to me.  Word after word.  I had to rush home to write.  I finally got it.


Now I am sitting in a booth at my brother’s restaurant.  Broad Street and lots of trees are my view.  The shack down the road holds the Sheriff’s office and the Post Office.  I am being serious it is a shack.  I am no longer in the suburbs this is pure country.  Papi says there is a spirit here that walks in circles.  He thinks he will whisper stories to me.  Right now I don’t care where I get my stories from I’m just glad that I am writing.


My friend told me he would pray for me to write.  It worked.  So, if you can pray for me, too, I would appreciate it.


The end.  


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