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Attention Muslim Young Women & Trans People!! Call for Submissions for AQSA Zine Issue #1 November 28, 2008

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My friend forwarded me this and here I am doing the same thing, pass it on! Attention Muslim Young Women & Trans People!!
Call for Submissions for AQSA Zine Issue #1
This Issue's Theme: Resistance and Self-Defense
Because you spend your life fighting back with a smile or fist
Deadline: December 1, 2008

About Us: AQSA Zine is a grassroots print zine, as well as an on-line community
(aqsazine.blogspot.com) that is open to all women and trans people who self-identify
as Muslim (13 to 35 years old). It is a creative avenue for us to express ourselves,
share our own experiences, and connect with others.  In Arabic, “aqsa” implies the
furthermost, as in reaching out to furthest possible. Aqsa zine aims to inspire
struggling to the utmost that we can. “Aqsa” is also the first name of the 16-year-old
Muslimwoman, Aqsa Parvez, who was murdered by her family members on
December 16, 2007. We recognize her murder as physical form of patriarchal
violence, and the response to her murder from public institutions as Islamophobic,
racist, and patriarchal. This zine is also inspired by Muslim young women and trans
people who experience and resist violence. We work within an anti-racist,
anti-Islamophobic, anti-imperialist, pro-choice, queer and trans positive framework.
Our aim is to organize and document grassroots movements of Muslim young women
and trans people working to end violence in all its forms. 
Why Submit: Because you’re tired of feeling fragmented and you know your body
shouldn’tbe anyone’s battleground. Because you don’t like being told who is Muslim
and who isn’t. Because you know you aren’t anybody’s erotic exotic. Because you’re
frustrated with people speaking slowly to you just because you are wearing a hijab.
Because you're sick of people asking “why don't you wear hijab?” OR telling you
you're not Muslim enough because you don't wear hijab. Because you’re bored by
the question “you’re gay and Muslim?” Because you don’t want to see anymore of
your family members profiled and harassed by the police. Because you hate being part
of the “random” check at airports. Because you spend your life fighting back with a
smile or fist. AQSA Zine is a safe space to tell our stories, and to share and learn our
herstories. Because WE SPEAK FOR OURSELVES.
Types of Submissions: Anything goes! Send us your stories (fiction or non-fiction),
poetry,artwork, photography, comics, graphic designs, recipes, open letters to
your past or futureself or anyone else, ideas, opinions, rants, book/music/art/TV
or movie reviews, essays, articles, and/or profiles of or interviews with Muslim
women and trans people. We want to learn about your dreams, hopes, fears,
strategies for self-care, forms of resistance, and the grassroots movements against
violence that occurs within and against our communities.
Confidentiality: Submissions are confidential, and will not be reprinted without the
author’s permission. Send us a note along with your submission letting us know whether
you would like to be identified on your piece. You can use your first and/or last name,
a pen name, or even remain completely anonymous. We want you to feel safe in making
a contribution. You may also include a short (1-5 sentences) bio with your submission
if you wish.
Deadline for Submissions: December 1, 2008. All submitters will be notified that their
piece has been received. Submissions not published in the print zine will be featured on
the on-line blog with the author’s permission.
Please note: we reserve the right to edit submissions after consultation the author
and submissions are not guaranteed publication in print or on-line.
Launch Parties: We are planning to hold zine launch parties on December 16--the
anniversary of Aqsa Parvez’s death. Let us know if you want to hold a launch party in
your area. We can help you organize and connect with other young Muslim women
near you.
Contact Information: Send us your submissions, ask us questions, request more
information or get involved with this project and our work, by contacting us at:
Email: aqsazine@gmail.com • Blog: aqsazine.blogspot.com


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