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Buying Jerusalem January 2, 2009

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We played Monopoly for New Year’s Eve.  The new edition no longer has cash but ATM cards and a machine.  The board is no longer filled with just railroads and generic streets and avenues.  It has energy systems such as solar and wind.  The streets have now become cities like Hong Kong, Cape Town, Paris and Jerusalem.    My chosen niece and I were partners.  She seven and independent wanted to buy everything we landed on before asking me if we wanted to do this.  Only one time, we talked and then learned how to be a partner.  

We had millions.  All of us had millions.  We earned some we lost some.  My sister wanted to build her own Asian Empire.  My niece and I wanted to monopolize the energy systems but only got two.  One city, Capetown, then another.  Jerusalem.  I told her we should buy it and then give it back to the Palestinians.  She didn’t quite understand because she wanted to build resorts and make lots of money but we gave it back anyway.  We gave it back and charged rent to those who landed to rebuild people’s homes and lives.

If only this could really be done right now.

If only the killings could stop.

If only the US would stop supporting Israel.

If only we could all get on a plane, boat or train and head to Palestine together.  If only we could do this so the missiles would stop launching, the guns stop firing, the children stop weeping.

If only.

My prayers are with my brothers and sisters in Palestine

in Gaza

and all over the world that suffer due to the human ego.


the end.


4 Responses to “Buying Jerusalem”

  1. Boulos Says:

    You are one wonderful person

  2. Thank you. May your light be bright.

  3. thebubblyterror Says:

    If only. 😦 There are so many problems in the world, and I wish someone like you could only solve them like in a Monopoly game.

    Thank you for this post.

  4. I had no idea that the new Monopoly game was like that. Sad that we have to use the same systems of control and oppression to give back to a people something that already belongs to them.

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