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change is gonna come January 22, 2009

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I walked to BART yesterday.  Thirty five minutes downhill.  I cut streets following strangers.  I followed the fast walkers, the jay walkers.  I saved about 10 minutes.  People were smiling early in the morning.  I thought this is only happening because it’s inauguration day.

In between watching baby I heard Barack Obama speak.  I cried and loved that Wyatt is only seven months old at this great moment.  I thought that when I was a kid there were hardly any Latinos on TV and there were definitely not any Asians.  Oh, no, there was Bruce Lee.  Wyatt will be able to see more reflections of himself and those who love him in the media.  I was even moved by the homophobic Rick Warren’s prayer.  Wow, I’ve become so open.

I got a message from my brother minus a salaam so I knew something was happening.  My dad was rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery.  He had a hole in his intestine that caused him to release gas into his stomach.  We all have stomach problems in our family.  This is where we hold our pain.  I felt so bad for my dad who would have also cried watching the inauguration.  He only had two years of an education and always aspired to do great things.  He has in his own way.  He created us and I must say my brothers and I are pretty nice people.


I am not sure if I am just way too empathetic or if I have a stomach virus but I became sick yesterday.  What a weird way to remember Obama’s inauguration day.  My dad thankfully is in recovery.  He will have to wear a bag while his intestine heals and have another surgery in six months.  Poor guy.  At least it’s not life long.  I had already planned a trip to Florida.  To Miami.  So, I will take a train ride up to see my dad and brothers.  At least for a couple of days I can take care of him.

I wonder what I will be able to do to move things forward in this place.  To help make an America I always dreamed of living in.  My parents came here so I would never have to leave.  I must admit that many times I want to.  One thing I liked about Barack Obama’s speech is that he talked about the issues that we are facing.  We can no longer live in denial that everything is fine here and we are doing great with the rest of the world.  I can only hope that we can really move towards change.

Change is difficult.  That is why so many of us don’t do it.  We must shift and learn and be open.  There is always more to come.

the end.


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