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La luna March 11, 2009

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la luna llena 031009

I don’t know if it was the tall buildings or maybe I just didn’t look up when I walked; I didn’t notice a full moon in Brooklyn.  I remember the moon chasing me on car trips from New Jersey to home.  I remember it chasing me.  But the moon never caught up.  Not until I moved to California.  Here I notice the different shapes of the moon.  I see the beauty, the stillness.  I await its fullness.

I rode the bus this morning with my neighbor.  We talked about visitors from NY.  He thought California must be such a culture shock for New Yorkers.  So much going on there.  Constantly.  Then there are moments that it feels like a prison.  I’ve never been in a prison but I know what it feels like to be trapped.  When I was a kid I felt trapped in Brooklyn.  In my neighborhood and inside a city that sometimes felt like a small town.  There was too much prejudice for me to handle as a kid.  Prejudice coming from everybody against everybody.  My friend says NY is very tribal.  There have been wars.

I used to want to exchange where I was born for somewhere else, like Cuba.  So many people thought I was born there anyway.  I don’t feel like that anymore.  Maybe it’s because I am getting older, maybe it’s because we have a new president, maybe it’s just because I have a greater understanding of life.   Every moment has enriched me.  It has not burdened me.  Like the moon my thoughts, my heartbeat, my emotions change.   I am still the same just everything comes in and out, expands, gets smaller, is almost hidden, is fully exposed.

La luna me llena.

the end.


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