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Please help this community of Cuban Muslims September 29, 2010

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There are no mosques in Cuba.  You can not find any halal markets,  Muslim bookstores or Islamic schools.  There is little or no access to the internet.  Without these resources the Muslim community in Cuba continues to grow.  In November, 2009 I went back to Cuba to visit my family and I visited Muslims in the small city of Holguín.  Last month I began writing about my experience there:  Eid in Cuba, 2009 part 1 .  I received an email from Abdul Latif and Aisha yesterday with the great news that they have the opportunity to buy land for two families to live on.

This is their vision:

– to raise goats and lambs for their consumption

-to sell halal meat to the other Muslims in the area

-to make clothing for the sisters

-to provide a space for the education of Muslims in the area and those interested in Islam

-to build a place of worship outside their homes


I was asked to provide them with a loan that I can not do at this time but I can ask friends and family to help them in this endeavor.  I need to raise $2200 in the next coming weeks.  Things are quickly changing in Cuba and this is a great opportunity for this community to grow and be of service.  Please donate what you can, even $5.00 will help.  Please forward this blog entry to family, friends and others in your community.  Please keep the Muslims in Cuba in your prayers and hearts, they are really good people that just want to better serve our Creator.

Please feel free to contact me at: maceomarti@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thank you.


Maceo Nafisah Cabrera Estévez

Help raise $2200 for the Muslims in Holguín, Cuba


2 Responses to “Please help this community of Cuban Muslims”

  1. salaama alaikum,

    are you still collecting money for this project? and if so, how can i help? i plan to visit cuba again soon and eventually hope to begin studies at the Latin America School of Medicine outside of havana. I visted cuba in 08 and i am very glad to see the number of indigenous muslims growing! Let me know how i can help!


    • Walekum Salaam,
      Unfortunately, I was not very successful in collecting any money for this project. The Islamic Center of Alameda has been working with Cuban Muslims near La Habana for the past few years. They have a project called Islam 4 Cuba. They are fundraising to build Cuba’s first masjid. Here’s the link to their website: http://www.icabayarea.org/
      InshaAllah you will be able to support their efforts and let others know. InshaAllah you will be able to attend their school for medicine. I hear wonderful things, mashaAllah.

      Allah Hafiz,

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