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Because it has been too long February 10, 2014

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Was August really the last time I posted something here? 

It is February and the months have passed by like busy bees.  I am writing again.  My goal is one sentence each day.  I figure if I commit to just one sentence it would be out of pure laziness that I’d fail.  I was lazy yesterday.  Not lazy, just filled the day with running here and there, tending to my kids and trying not to focus on my lack of sleep.

I am trying to form a writing habit again.  I am trying to take myself seriously again.  I was depressed for so long.  I look back and I could see the heaviness that took a hold of me each day.  That it is not there seems a bit of a miracle.  I broke through.  I am thankful.

Writing fills me, it clears my mind and heart, words dance around me.  Everything is a story.  Right now I am just taking it all in.

I am not sure if this blog is something I want to still keep.  Maybe I should start fresh and build another one.  There are stories I want to share, there are subjects I want to research.

I am a late-bloomer.  Almost 39, so not too too late.

the end. 


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